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Have you ever considered what happens when we laugh?

What actually happens

We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we are happy because we laugh.

Did you know that only 25% of the time we laugh is due to comedy,
jokes or something funny?

That leaves 75% of the time being when we’re not quite sure of a situation,
confused, shy, embarrassed or even sad.

In Scott Weems’ book

“HA – The science of when we laugh and why”,

Scott explains laughter as

An external manifestation of internal conflict”.

Maybe easier described as a big SIGH or PHEW!


We are all aware that stress is the biggest killer and the leading reason for ill health in the world and we CAN absolutely lessen this blow by LAUGHING.

Laughter Events

Now that’s pretty serious stuff.
How about this: Picture the scenario:

  • You laugh more and feel happier
  • your children laugh more and feel happier
  • your friends and family laugh more and feel happier
  • your staff
  • your colleagues
  • your street
  • your town
  • your county

…You can see where this is going!

What if just everyone smiled, laughed and felt happier?

Group Laughter

We at Laughter Events and Training have a dream,

a passion, a desire to start the ball in motion

 to help and support this process to happen.

Outdoor Laughter

This combination is all inclusive, engaging and inspirational.

It will delight its participants and has a growing list of incredible scientifically proven benefits.

Stevens and Bolton LLP
Steve led a laughter yoga session for about 40 people at our annual partners’ conference. It’s such a unique way to spend an hour we decided to keep the session a secret until everyone had arrived, just in case the sceptics decided to avoid it. An hour later, everyone had been amazed by such an uplifting experience and the feedback was unanimously positive! The only problem now is how to exceed expectations for next year’s conference, as Steve has really raised the bar.
Adrian Bourne , Partner and Chief Operating Officer - Stevens and Bolton LLP
Curly Steve has really brought the crowds into the Wellbeing Field in the mornings. Peals of laughter and smiling faces – what a way to start the day! A brilliant asset to our Festival.
Jan, Wellbeing Field Co-ordinater for Womad Festival
We used laughing yoga as an ice breaker for one of our corporate events. It definitely set the delegates in a great mood to start their team building conference and there were smiles all round. Top stuff would definitely recommend.
Jade, Events Coordinator - Eden Project
Steve brings a smile to everyone he meets- his facilitation of change through Laughter workshops is like a breath of fresh air in the training and development industry. He is always positive, and attentive to the needs of the group and will send positive ripples right through your organisation. I can highly recommend him and look forward to working with him more and more in the future.
Mike Ponting, Director – Making the Link
Lodestar booked the laughing workshop to kick-start the conference and energise the group ready to start a full strategic day ahead…and boy did it do just that! It really started the conference with a bang, leaving everyone hyper and full of beans. I would most certainly recommend the session to any of my clients.
Katie, Senior Producer - Lodestar
Curly Steve is an inspiring, infectious person with a passion for making this world a better place. He makes you feel happy, free and motivated. His Laughter Yoga sessions are amazing and everyone leaves feeling positive and wearing a huge smile. I highly recommend Steve as a facilitator, teacher and all round guru!
Karen, Business Development Manager - Pearlcatchers
It made me feel how I think I should feel anyway – happy, light, open, energised and buoyant. These lovely feelings lasted for days afterwards. I’d like to start every day with a laughter work-out.
Peter, Galatea Consulting